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Alan Wake heads to Dead by Daylight on January 30

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Alan Wake continues to be drawn to the dark. The author is set to join Dead by Daylight on January 30, alongside other recent additions such as characters based on actor Nicolas Cage and Alien. As expected, the Alan Wake making an appearance in Dead by Daylight will have his physical likeness based on Ilkka Villi, while voice actor Matthew Porretta is providing a number of original voice lines and cries. Porretta also recorded material for the Chapter’s Launch, CGI, and Spotlight Trailers.

The Dead by Daylight team revealed details about Alan Wake’s character in the game. His perks are Champion of Light, Boon: Illumination, and Deadline. Champion of Light increases movement speed when using a Flashlight. Successfully blinding a Killer imposes the Hindered Status Effect, temporarily slowing them. Boon: Illumination can be used to create a Boon Totem, which allows all nearby Survivors to see the Auras of generators and Chests across the Map. Additionally, a lit Boon Totem enables the player to cleanse and bless Totems more quickly. Lastly, Deadline activates when the player is injured, increasing the frequency of Skill Checks while Healing Survivors or Repairing Generators. The penalty is halved if a Skill Check is missed.

“We are thrilled to bring Alan Wake, our tortured writer, into the acclaimed Dead by Daylight. We feel the lore of our two horror experiences is a match made in the Dark Place and can’t wait to experience the horrors that await him in the Fog,” said Sam Lake, Creative Director of Remedy Entertainment.

Dead by Daylight Alan Wake Official Trailer

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