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Reaper of Souls, Diablo III’s first expansion, is a solid start at making the action RPG fun again, but after spending dozens of hours checking out the closed beta, the staff at Full Cleared has a few things we’d like to ultimately see in order to make Reaper of Souls a great expansion.

Read below to see five ideas that Full Cleared has that we’d love to see in Diablo III and Reaper of Souls.

1. Legendary Trading System

A hot topic of discussion, the current system allows players to trade dropped Legendary items only to players that were present in the game when the item dropped. In addition, there’s a two-hour timer set for the trade. It’s rather restrictive, and while we understand that Blizzard wants to promote the idea of having a fulfilling, self-found experience in Diablo III, the current system could be tweaked to make it more enjoyable.

Full Cleared proposes that Legendary item drops (including recipes) should be tradable to all players on a person’s friends list at the time that the Legendary item drops. Not only would this allow Blizzard to cut back on third-party selling, since the item is only tradable to friends at the time of the drop, players won’t feel that a Legendary is completely useless if they can give it to a friend within 24 hours (up from two hours). This change would also synergize with Clans and give an extra incentive to players to meet new friends to play with.

2. Enchant One Primary Stat and One Secondary Stat

Currently, the enchanting system allows players to enchant one stat, whether it’s a primary or secondary stat. The system gives players versatility but at the same time, we would prefer to see the ability of being able to enchant one primary and one secondary stat. It’s not a game-breaking change by any means, at least in our opinions, and it would minimize the need to look for “perfectly” rolled loot before you even get into enchanting. Those looking to maximize their gear and builds will certainly end up wanting to find the perfect primary stat rolls in order to change the secondary stat into something useful for their build, or vice-versa. By allowing players to re-roll both the primary and secondary stat on each piece of gear, rares will be more meaningful and players can tweak to their desires. In a way, it gives reason to inspect each and every rare if you’re not constrained to having to choose that only one stat can be re-rolled.

3. Bonus for Clearing All Bounties

Currently, certain Acts will offer bonuses to completing the Bounties in that particular Act, but why not give players an incentive for clearing all the Bounties in all five Acts of the game? One real quick way to make Diablo III feel stagnant is quickly grinding the same thing over and over without a change of scenery – or a benefit. By giving players a bonus for clearing all five Acts’ bounties, each game session will not only last longer, but will be more satisfying while enjoying what every Act Reaper of Souls has to offer.

The bonus for clearing all bounties could be as simple as guaranteeing an Imperial Gem (or two), extra Blood Shards, an extra Rift Keystone or even gold. Essentially something that makes it worthwhile, but isn’t so over-the-top that it’s the best way to farm in the game.

4. Leaderboard Competitions

One glaring thing missing from Diablo III that could really boost its end game is leaderboard competitions. Creating events similar to Cursed Chests that track and rank how many mobs a player or party can clear given a period of time would be a good benchmark to see how other players stack up against builds and gear. Even a leaderboard that shows the quickest Uber kills based on group members would be fun to have. Essentially it’s the carrot-dangling-on-a-stick effect, but often times little things like that just give another bonus to being the best. Hardcore players will love it, casual players wouldn’t mind it. Awards could be simply cosmetic at the end of each season, or even banner decorations to show off. Even better, offer “useless” awesome-looking gear that leaderboard toppers can use to transmogrify to show off that they conquered the leaderboard for a season.

5. Random Builds + Boss Battles for Amazing Loot

One thing that really hurts the current state of Diablo III is that, for the most part, builds are stagnant. Players find the most powerful and most efficient build, grab the gear off the auction house, and suddenly there’s just clones of players running around farming loot. While changes to skills, the closing of the auction house and the new Legendary items aim to change that mindset, Full Cleared believes the addition of this feature would make Diablo III and Reaper of Souls ridiculously fun to play.

Have the game create a completely random build for the character and stick them into a boss battle, or even an Uber fight. Players will be able to change their gear to accommodate the build that was selected at random, giving them another reason to hold on to every Legendary item that drops. In addition, it gives players the creativity to mix and match gear while min-maxing stats that they normally wouldn’t. And of course Paragon 2.0 lends itself to making the best of any random build.

If players succeed, they could be rewarded with bonus drops, whether they be double the amount they’d normally get or an increased drop rate for Legendary items. Best of all, this could be added to a leaderboard competition, tracking how many of these battles players have completed with each class and on which difficulty. Diablo III is built on the idea of RNG, so what’s more fun and random than having the game select a build for you and your job now is to make it work? Who knows, perhaps amazing builds could come from random skills being selected!

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